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Professional Black Esthetician
CEO Joy A. Johnson of Joy of Beauty, 
Washington, DC Metropolitan area

International Beauty Educator. Multi-Licensed Beauty Professional. Author. Founder Joy of Beauty™.
Joy A. Johnson

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Joy A. Johnson Business Academy

JOY the KEY to Entrepreneurial Happiness A Millennial's Guide to Starting, Continuing and


Turning your passion into your profession, it doesn’t need to matter where a person stands at the starting gate — be it novice, mature, formally educated or loaded up in street smarts, single, single parent, married, divorced, widowed, or if a person is considered, by today’s society, to be conventional or unconventional — opportunity can be carved out of one’s passion to operate, and to prosper in it.

"Dear Reader, You are not alone,” Joy conveys. "When I discovered that spouses, relatives, close friends or confidants don’t always support or understand your vision, I learned how not to let it drive my goals or purpose into a ditch." ... 

A Diabetic Friendly Brand


Joy of Beauty

Washington, DC Metropolitan Area

P O Box 152

Waldorf, MD, 20604


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