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Become a PBE Partner

Brand Awareness. Your clients will come to this PBE Website to find you. The truth be told, you are posted on different website directories. However, you are not getting any redirect traffic to your website or booking system. You may even pay a monthly fee, but you haven't received one sale. Partnering with Professional Black Estheticians (PBE) exclusive website and social media platforms,  you will get to promote your business. GAME-CHANGER.


Gain Access. You need to put your products, equipment, supplies, classes, books, etc. in front of your target audience. Our #GETPINNED and Premiere Partnerships will give you access to our communities. Implementing your marketing strategies will help you increase your revenue. Remember a closed mouth don't get feed. So speak up and continuously promote your business.  GAME-CHANGER.


Sell Retail. You can make your items yourself, private label, white label and/or contract manufacturer. You  MUST customize the product packaging and photos.  Create a marketing strategy.  Consistently sell and market on your website, Amazon, Ecommerce Sites, and Social Media sitesThis will allow you to make money while you sleep. GAME-CHANGER.



CEO Louise Jackson
Studio L By Louise

I was offered the opportunity to be The Skin Games Sugarist Judge two days after my landing page was posted in the PBE Group. See you in March 2023, Atlanta, GA.

CEO Nichelle Foster Mosley,
Queen City Beauty Group & Wellness

Thanks for trying to help me get my new book "Advanced Ayurvedic Face Mapping" listed on AMAZON! I appreciate you.

CEO Nikia K. Vaughn

Thank you for giving me some new strategies for manufacturing my own skin care products!


CEO Monique Waters,  MPH, CCHW
WU Aesthetics & Academy

Just certified a Dermaplane Pro student that found me on the Professional Black Estheticians Page.

La'Karron Beauty Elements_edited.png

CEO Latia Warren
La'Karron Beauty Elements

Thank you for editing and posting my videos. It has helped with my brand awareness and book "An Esthetician's Blueprint for Business" sales. 

Become a PBE Partner

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